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A decade ago, we set out on a mission to make owning rental property easy. Our success with over 1000 property owners proves it’s possible. 

Welcome to a different kind of property management company. One that believes that life should be enjoyed, not spent sweating the small stuff (or even the big stuff).

At Good Life Property Management, we make owning rental property easy so you can focus on the experiences, passions, and relationships that truly matter. Whether that’s travel, family time, or building your next venture, we give you the freedom to live the Good Life.



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How We're Different.

See why 1000's of Property Owners & Realtors Trust us:

Our property managers make owning rental property easy

Renting your property shouldn’t be a hassle. It should give you a greater abundance of time, money, and energy. We’ve developed a team of A-Players who have made this a reality for over 1,000 property owners.
We can do the same for you.

Why own rental property in Orange County?

Strong and Stable Market

High Quality of Life

Financial Benefits

If you don’t want the hands-on work of being a landlord, consider hiring a reputable Orange County property management company, like Good Life. We’ve spent the last decade making rental property ownership easy for over 1000+ property owners. We’re ready to do the same for you. 

Owning rental property in Orange County is Profitable and Smart

Orange County is a great place for real estate investments. High demand, good weather and a booming economy, combined with limited new construction, results in high rental prices and low vacancies. While the high cost of entry is high, the potential for passive income, tax benefits, and long-term value growth make Orange County rental properties a great investment opportunity. 

According to, Orange County’s renter population is 43.5%. In comparison, the national average is 34.2%. With such a large renter population, you can expect a high demand for rental properties. In fact, a report by RentCafe found that Orange County has an occupancy rate of 95.7% and, on average, vacant properties have 13 competing renters at any given time. With only 0.23% of new housing construction, there are not enough homes to satisfy renters. On average, vacant properties are filled within only 40 days in Orange County.

Orange County has many desirable neighborhoods. For those looking for the perfect beach home, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, and Newport Beach offer the perfect luxury living. On the more casual end, Huntington Beach embodies the classic California surf culture. For those looking to be close to education, Irvine and Fullerton are both homes of California Universities (UC Irvine and Fullerton, respectively). Other great suburban neighborhoods include Anaheim, Brea, Buena Park, Costa Mesa, San Clemente, Tustin, and Westminster.

Rent prices in Orange County tend to be some of the highest in the nation. One bedrooms tend to rent for $2,200. Two bedrooms will be closed to $3,000-$4,000. You’ll see prices rise near the coast and universities. Owning rental property can be a lot easier when using a rental management company. If you’re in search of a reliable Orange County property management company, schedule a call with us

Frequently Asked Questions

You must be licensed in California to join or start a property management company as per state law (10131-b). However, a property management company can employ unlicensed agents who operate under a licensed broker’s supervision and have limited duties.
Investing in the Orange County real estate market can be lucrative, but some challenges must be managed. Finding success in the market requires understanding the various neighborhoods, demographics, and housing trends in Orange County.
In Orange County, California, rent increases are regulated by Assembly Bill 1482 (The Tenant Protection Act of 2019). The annual rent increase limit in the OC is 5% plus CPI or 10%—whichever is lower.
The primary function of a property manager is overseeing the daily operations of rental properties. They are responsible for managing all tenant-related issues, maintenance and repair management, and the day-to-day needs of tenants and the property.
The biggest responsibility of property management companies is managing all tenant-related issues. This includes finding and screening applicants, enforcing lease terms, managing complaints, dealing with unruly tenants, managing the eviction process, and handling tenant’s funds.
Orange County, California, has three types of property managers: individual property managers, building managers, and resident managers.
Property management covers rent collection, repairs, tenant screening, and creating lease agreements. Property maintenance includes plumbing, painting, and electrical maintenance issues. Most property management companies perform both property and maintenance management.
A property manager is responsible for managing all aspects of the property, including tenant issues, repairs and maintenance, and day-to-day operations. A portfolio manager is a professional who manages all your assets when owning multiple properties.
No, a property manager and a real estate agent are different. Real estate agents work with individuals to buy and sell properties, while property managers work with landlords and property owners to manage their rental properties.
The primary difference between a landlord and a property manager is who owns the rental property. Landlords are property owners—they are legally responsible for all tenant issues, maintenance, and repairs. Property managers can take over the responsibility of managing the property on behalf of landlords when they are hired.
A self-managed property is a rental property managed by the landlord to ensure the day-to-day operations run smoothly. Most landlords work with a property management company to outsource the work to a trained professional.
Self-management for rental properties is the DIY approach to managing rental properties. A property management company is an external firm overseeing a rental property’s day-to-day operations. Property management companies are professionals who can help you save time and money and get the most out of your real estate investment.

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