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The Good Life Proven Process™

Step 1

We prepare your property to be move-in ready

The initial step in our established process is getting your property ready to rent. This includes conducting maintenance and performing quality control assurance in our walk throughs. Continue reading  the steps below to delve deeper into our process. 

A Leasing Manager will take a detailed tour of the property and compile a report highlighting necessary repairs, paint jobs, or cleaning tasks. They’ll also point out any unique aspects of the home and flag any safety issues.

We will share the report with you. Afterwards, our Leasing Manager will give you a predicted timeline to finish the noted items and a target date to have the home ready and on the market.

We’ll pass the report along to our trusted network of skilled service providers who can tackle the work efficiently and at a reasonable cost. If any tasks go beyond the set maintenance budget, we’ll shoot over an estimate for you to give the green light.

The Leasing Manager will arrange the timeline and secure completion of work to be wrapped up by the target date.

After everything is finished, we’ll do a final quality check walk-through. Our team will take care of reviewing and settling the bills for the work done, all on your behalf.

Step 2

We blast market your property and manage tenant showings

The second step of our established process is marketing your property. Dive into our marketing strategies in the sections below. 

We will take the highest quality marketing photos of your property, along with any community amenities.

Using our special 3D camera, we will create a virtual walk through tour of your property. This lets potential renters see an accurate representation of the property online.

We’ll craft a tailored ad that shines a spotlight on your home’s highlights and perks, along with extra details like included utilities, unique leasing conditions, and more.

The listing will be posted through Zillow’s paid premium service and share it across the most popular sites, such as Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, HotPads,, and, to get maximum exposure.

We will prepare a lease that covers specific property information, along with any additional required disclosures, to maintain compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

The Property will be set up for self-guided tours that lets potential renters to view the home at their own convenience, 7 days a week. After a preliminary screening, potential renters are given a one-time access code to keys in a lock box at the property. Following their visit, they will be asked for feedback and directed to our rental application.

Step 3

Tenant screening and moving in qualified tenants

The third step of our established process is to find the best tenants for your property. Learn more about how we screen and choose tenants below. 

We’re committed to finding top-notch tenants for your property. That’s why we conduct a credit history check, background check, rental history check, and income verification to screen tenants. We only extend offers to tenants who meet our strict rental criteria.

After someone qualifies, we offer, prepare and send a lease to the applicant to get a signature.

Our leasing team will touch base with the tenants to clear up any questions about the lease, gather the signed documents, and collect move in funds.

Once the lease is all signed, we’ll pick up a copy of their renter’s insurance and, if needed, any HOA documents. We’ll also make sure they’ve got the utilities switched over to their name. Also, we will let them know when and how to get the keys for their move in, any specific move in requirements with the HOA (if applicable), as well as other important information about the rental (mailbox number, parking spaces, etc).

Before the tenants move in, we’ll do one last check to make sure everything’s good to go. We’ll take photos to document the property’s condition during this walk through. If needed, a final cleaning may be scheduled.

Step 4

Making the collection and disbursement of funds easy

The fourth step of our established process is gathering rent and dispersing it to you, the property owner. Learn more about the step-by-step process below. 

The majority of our tenants opt to pay their rent and security deposit via a secure online portal.

Our approach, known as “full month accounting” involves holding onto the collected rent throughout the month to cover any expenses. Then, on the last business day of the month, the rent is directly deposited into your account. This method of accounting won’t require an ongoing reserve and your statements will run for a full calendar month.

In the rare occasion of eviction, we take care of everything from start to finish. This means we will serve the notice to pay, file an unlawful detainer with an attorney, go to court if needed and do a sheriff’s lockout.

Step 5

We make renting easy

Supporting our tenants is a fundamental part of our property management process. Learn more about our tenant support options below. 

Tenants can reach out to their own go-to person for any questions or issues they have. They are also provided with our after-hours maintenance phone number in case of any emergencies. With these options, they can get in touch via call or text whenever they need to. 

Every new tenant gets access to our online portal, making it simple and easy to pay rent and put in maintenance requests.

When tenants break their lease terms, we act quickly to address the issue and make sure they get back on track as soon as possible.

Whether it’s roommate changes, to adding pets and to installing an electric vehicle charger, we will handle all lease modification requests and advise you on your landlord rights and any restrictions around the request.

Step 6

Protecting and maintaining your biggest asset

We stick to all the right safety measures and best practices to keep your property in great shape throughout the tenancy.

In our 10 years in business, we’ve learned that many maintenance requests can be reduced by troubleshooting with our tenants. To avoid sending out vendors as much as possible, we’ve put together a whole bunch of troubleshooting guides and videos. Our goal is always to resolve issues in a way that avoids extra expenses.

If a maintenance request does require a vendor, we tap into our wide network of reliable and top-notch vendors to make sure the job’s done right.

All non-emergency work above $500 will need your approval.

Vendors quickly send their invoices for the work performed and we require photos of the finshed work.

Tenants have the option to text or call our emergency line after hours, making sure we can get in touch with vendors around the clock if needed.

Step 7

Property Performance Tracking: Monthly and annual financial reports

We’re here to help you make the most of your rental property. That’s why we put together detailed financial property performance reports to help you receive the most from your investment. 

On the first business day of every month, we provide you with an owner statement. This shows the income and expenses from the previous month.

Your monthly statement will outline all expenses, and we’ll send over a detailed bill along with photos of the completed work for full transparency.

Every January we will provide you with a Cash Flow statement from the previous year. This Cash Flow statement will detail all of the income and expenses for your property. Simply give this to your tax accountant along with any other expenses you may have paid outside of the trust account.

Step 8

Annual walkthroughs

Our goal with yearly inspections is to make sure we address any property concerns before they become a large expense. Check out our yearly inspection procedures below to learn more about how we help safeguard your property. 

All landlords in California are responsible for maintaining certain safety features of the home like smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. We confirm that they are installed in the correct location, not expired, and functioning correctly.

All plumbing fixtures are inspected to look for any visible signs of water damage so it can be fixed before it gets worse.

Photos are taken of the property exterior and interior of the home along with any notes of the general condition of the home.

A dirty or improperly installed furnace filter can lead to HVAC system inefficiencies and damage. We educate the tenant on where the filter is and how to change it properly if it is dirty. We will follow up with the tenant to confirm it is changed following the inspection.

We take some general photos of the property to give you a birds eye view.

All walkthrough reports are stored on your online portal for ease of review and reference.

Step 9

Your expert property manager proactively contacts you to review a lease renewal offer

We handle the entire lease renewal process for you. Learn more about how we negotiate any rent increases and lease extensions below. 

All comparable properties are researched and data is used to recommend a rental rate for the renewal offer. We collaborate with you on sending an offer that maximizes the chances to secure a renewal.

We draft the lease extension, including any annual disclosures required by law. We also handle all negotiations with the tenant. Once signed by the tenant, we will sign the renewal agreement on your behalf. We add this renewal document to your owner portal for you to access any time you want.

Step 10

Coordinating Move outs and Security Deposit Refunds

As tenants prepare to leave, we handle the entire move-out procedure, including inspections and returning security deposits in line with California regulations.

Clear instructions are given to outgoing tenants on our property condition standards and how to give possession back to us.

Tenants can exercise their right by law, to a Pre Move Out Inspection. The purpose of the inspection is to identify what items may be taken out from their security deposit, and give them enough time to fix them if they want, before vacating the property.

We initiate the process of transferring utilities back to us to make sure they remain on during the vacancy. This is important as we may need to facilitate any repairs, cleaning, and showing of the property until it is leased again.

Similar to our initial walk through, a Leasing Manager will conduct a walk through and prepare a report that identifies any needed repairs, painting, or cleaning. Additionally, they’ll identify items that need repair, cleaning, or replacement that can be deducted from the tenants security deposit.

In accordance with state law, any unused funds of the security deposit will be returned to the tenants, along with a detailed statement and any accompanying invoices, within 21 days.

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