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Laguna Beach
Property Management

In Long Beach, property management can be difficult and time-consuming. Good Life Property Management removes the burden of overseeing all of your residential rentals. From finding the perfect tenants to handling rent collection and maintenance, we have you covered. At Good Life Property Management, we make owning rental property easy.

No eviction guarantee icon

No Eviction Guarantee

If we have to evict a tenant we placed, for non-payment of rent, we will pay for the eviction up to $3,000 (which usually covers all court costs and attorney’s fees)! We will also find a new tenant for free.

Good pet guarantee icon

Good Pet Guarantee

At no additional cost to the owner, we will reimburse damages caused to the home above wear and tear up to $3,000 total for pet damage. Laguna Beach property management has never been so easy. 

Happiness guarantee icon

Money Back Guarantee

We stand by our word. If for any reason you are not happy with our service, neither are we. We’ll refund you up to one year of paid monthly management fees if you aren’t happy in the first year of service. We’re committed to 100% client satisfaction!

Our Laguna Beach Property Management Services

Laguna Beach property managers


About Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach, known for its breathtaking coastal scenery, rich history, and vibrant cultural scene, is one of Orange County’s most affluent and beautiful seaside communities. With over 20 beaches and coves, it is a paradise for surfers, swimmers, and everyone who enjoys spending time in the sun. If you prefer a hike with an ocean view, the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park offers some tough terrain.

Laguna Beach also has a great artistic history that dates back to the 20th century. Even today, it celebrates its artistic past with a range of art galleries and museums like the Laguna Art Museum, festivals, and community events like the yearly Pageant of Masters. If you want to learn about the city’s past, you can visit the Murphy-Smith Historical Bungalow and Heisler Park. The food in Laguna Beach is also incredible. You can find anything from upscale to casual beachfront restaurants in the downtown area and along the coast.

Although Laguna Beach attracts many tourists and visitors, its residents can still lead a laid-back lifestyle. The city makes considerable efforts into environmental conservation and community involvement, such as the Laguna Beach Music Festival and the Sawdust Art Festival.

Why owning rental property in Laguna Beach is a good investment

Every part of Laguna Beach offers a unique atmosphere. The boundaries of Laguna Beach are distinctive in that they are mostly along the coast. However, a good portion of the population resides on the mountain in an environment that is a little more remote. In between the mountainside and the beach, you can find quant cottages where more opulent bohemian real estate is waiting to be discovered. Due of Laguna Beach’s proximity to San Diego and Los Angeles, it is a prime location for those seeking a serene coastal lifestyle while still having easy access to the larger metropolitan areas of Orange County.

Real estate in Laguna Beach is known to value over time because of the area’s natural beauty and scarcity of land. Considering its standing as Orange County’s top beach getaway, Laguna Beach consistently sees a demand for rental homes, especially since the area’s moderate Mediterranean environment draws tourists all year long.

How much does Laguna Beach property management cost?

Every Laguna Beach property manager has their own unique fee structure, which can vary significantly from other Laguna Beach property management companies. At Good Life Property Management, we offer house, condo, and/or 2-4 units property management for an 8% monthly management fee. Alternatively, we provide multi-family (5-15 units) property management for a 6% monthly management fee. In addition to monthly management fees, we charge a $595 leasing fee, a $150 annual inspection fee, and a $195 lease renewal fee. To learn more about our Laguna Beach property management services and pricing, please visit our Services and Pricing

What to look for in an Laguna Beach Property Manager

When interviewing Laguna Beach property management companies, you want to make sure they offer holistic property management services. For residential properties, we recommend the following services:

  • Helping you get the property ready for renting
  • Property marketing and advertising  
  • Showing the property to prospective tenants 
  • Screening and selecting qualified tenants 
  • Leasing signing and lease management 
  • Tenant support and 24-hour emergency maintenance services 
  • Rent collection and direct deposits services
  • General maintenance and annual inspections 
  • Periodic walkthroughs 
  • Lease modifications (i.e. adding a pet to the lease) 
  • Reports, photos and financial statements 
  • Legal notices to move tenants out 

For more information on what to look for in an Laguna Beach property manager, check out our Proven Process.


How we market your property

We use the most popular online platforms to market your Laguna Beach rental property. Through paid syndications, we create listings on websites such as Zillow, Trulia, Hot pads, and 50+ more major rental sites so we can get your rental the most exposure and find the best-fit tenant. Our team will take high-quality professional pictures of your rental and create a high-definition 3D virtual tour. We also write extensive information about your rental, including, amenities, price, community features, and other important living information so we can attract good candidates. Finally, we offer 7 day showing access and support for prospective tenants. 

How we help you find the perfect rent price

Our Laguna Beach rental property specialists assist you in determining the best rental price for your property by conducting a thorough market analysis. This includes investigating comparable properties in the Laguna Beach area, examining current rental market conditions, seasonal fluctuations, and taking into account factors such as your property’s location, size, and condition. Based on this analysis, we will recommend a competitive rental price that will help you attract the right tenants for your property.

Furthermore, our Laguna Beach property management services include monitoring the rental market and adjusting the price for each new lease term. That way, we can ensure that your property remains competitive and generates a healthy rental income.

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Tenant Screening

The Good Tenant Screening

At our Laguna Beach property management company, we understand the importance of finding the right tenant. That’s why we’ve built our Good Tenant Screening process. This thorough and comprehensive process ensures that we find tenants who are reliable, responsible, and will take care of your property as if it were their own. Our screening process includes credit checks, background checks, previous landlord references, and more. We take the stress out of finding qualified tenants and give you peace of mind knowing that your property is in good hands. 

Rent Collection

We direct deposit rent to your bank account

We use online rent payment portals, automated reminders, and late payment penalties to make sure that rent is paid on time. We also have a dedicated team who will follow up with tenants who are late on their rent to ensure that payments are received as soon as possible. With us as your Laguna Beach property management company, you can rest easy knowing that rent collection is in good hands and that you’ll always be paid on time.


We’ve got your property maintenance covered

There are so many benefits to a well-maintained property; they rent faster, keep tenants happy, and have low turnover. That’s why we’re invested in quality maintenance and inspections of your property. Over the past 10 years, we’ve built great relationships with the best vendors in Orange County, so we can make sure your property receives affordable and quality care. We also offer 24-hour emergency maintenance services to ensure your tenants are always taken care of. Laguna Beach property management has never been so easy. 

Give us a call for a free consultation!

Our team is ready to help with your Laguna Beach property management needs. 

Adam Manly

Adam Manly

Business Development Manager

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We make owning rental property easy

Renting your property shouldn’t be a hassle. It should give you a greater abundance of time, money, and energy. We’ve developed a team of A-Players who have made this a reality for over 1,000 property owners.
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Home Prices

in Laguna Beach

The real estate market in Laguna Beach tends to be on the higher end, and property values are well above the national average. This reflects the city’s status as a premier coastal location where you’ll find luxurious amenities, a vibrant art scene, and stunning beaches. While there are many options, from cottages to oceanfront estates, the city has strict zoning regulations, limited availability, and high property costs that lead to premium prices.

The home prices in Laguna Beach vary widely depending on location, view, size, and proximity to community amenities. Properties with custom designs, expansive views, and private beach access cater to buyers and renters looking for unique, upscale residences. However, Laguna Beach also provides a range of condos and apartments that give buyers a more accessible entry point. Because most condo complexes in Laguna Beach offer amenities catering to a luxury lifestyle like swimming pools, fitness centers, and even private beach access, they appeal to residents looking for a low-maintenance lifestyle with all of the perks.

Pros of Investing in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach has a strong rental market, particularly for its short-term vacation rentals. This gives investors the opportunity to make substantial rental income year-round because the climate is stable and warm. Because of its stunning beaches and luxurious vibe, Laguna Beavh attracts affluent residents and visitors that enhance the value of investment properties.

Cons of Investing in Laguna Beach

As one of the most expensive areas of Orange County, Laguna Beach has limited affordable housing and the real estate market can be very competitive. While there are many potential gains from investing in Laguna Beach property, there are also challenges like high costs, strict regulations, and environmental risks. As a coastal community, Laguna Beach is susceptible to natural disasters like wildfires, landslides, and floods. Additionally, this charming seaside city might feel too crowded for some, especially during peak tourist season.

Home Prices in Laguna Beach

These are the year to date stats as of March 2024. For updated stats, visit Redfin’s Laguna Beach, CA Housing Market.

The median price of a single-family home in Laguna Beach – 92651


The median price of condos/townhomes in Laguna Beach – 92651

Rental Rates in Laguna Beach

These are the 2024 average rent prices in Laguna Beach. For monthly stats, visit Zumper.

The average rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in Laguna Beach. 


The average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Laguna Beach. 


The average rent for one bedrooms in Laguna Beach. 

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