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Orange County Map

Your Guide to the Area

Are you considering buying investment property in Orange County? Or maybe you’re thinking of renting a property in the OC. If you aren’t familiar with the area, a great place to start is understanding the county—what are the communities in the OC, how many cities are there, and which is the best school district in the area? 

We’ll answer these questions and more as we take you on a visual journey through the gem of Southern California with the help of maps of Orange County.

Orange County Map - Location in CA

Table of Contents

Orange County Map

Orange County is a beautiful area in Southern California that boasts a near-perfect climate, beautiful braces and parks, and a wide range of tourist attractions to keep everyone entertained, visitors and residents alike.

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Orange County is the third largest county in California, with 3.2 million residents as of the 2020 census. With so many people, it should come as no surprise that there are 34 unique and distinct cities in Orange County, California.
  1. Aliso Viejo
  2. Anaheim
  3. Brea
  4. Buena Park
  5. Costa Mesa
  6. Cypress
  7. Dana Point
  8. Fountain Valley
  9. Fullerton
  10. Garden Grove
  11. Huntington Beach
  12. Irvine
  13. La Habra
  14. La Palma
  15. Laguna Beach
  16. Laguna Hills
  17. Laguna Niguel
  18. Laguna Woods
  19. Lake Forest
  20. Los Alamitos
  21. Mission Viejo
  22. Newport Beach
  23. Orange
  24. Placentia
  25. Rancho Santa Margarita
  26. San Clemente
  27. San Juan Capistrano
  28. Santa Ana (county seat)
  29. Seal Beach
  30. Stanton
  31. Tustin
  32. Villa Park
  33. Westminster
  34. Yorba Linda

Orange County Population by City

As mentioned above, Orange County is home to almost 3.2 million residents. Let’s look at the population of each incorporated city in Orange County.
City Population
Aliso Viejo 51,824
Anaheim 345,940
Brea 47,589
Buena Park 83,011
Costa Mesa 110,750
Cypress 49,926
Dana Point 32,821
Fountain Valley 56,495
Fullerton 141,874
Garden Grove 170,488
Huntington Beach 196,652
Irvine 309,031
La Habra 62,609
La Palma 15,413
Laguna Beach 22,795
Laguna Hills 30,965
Laguna Niguel 64,239
Laguna Woods 17,452
Lake Forest 85,742
Los Alamitos 11,695
Mission Viejo 92,449
Newport Beach 84,792
Orange 137,263
Placentia 51,274
Rancho Santa Margarita 47,442
San Clemente 63,896
San Juan Capistrano 34,955
Santa Ana 309,441
Seal Beach 24,937
Stanton 37,970
Tustin 79,430
Villa Park 5,773
Westminster 90,195
Yorba Linda 67,989

Source: US Census, Annual Estimates of the Resident Population for Incorporated Places in California: April 1, 2020, to July 1, 2021

Orange County Communities Map

Orange County is one of Southern California’s most sought-after destinations. From tourists excited to visit Disneyland and stunning beaches like Laguna and Huntington to prospective homeowners looking to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, people are drawn to Orange County and everything it offers. 

Because Orange County is considered a wonderful place to live, more and more people are investing in Orange County real estate. If you’re looking for real estate or a rental property in Orange County, it’s important to understand where each community is located.

The map below can help you visualize the layout of Orange County and serve as a guide as you look at properties.

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Where is Orange County Map in California?

Orange County is a suburban region located in Southern California. It is south of Los Angeles and part of the extended Los Angeles metropolitan area. Orange County borders the Pacific Ocean on the southwest, Los Angeles County on the north, San Bernardino County on the northeast, Riverside County on the east, and San Diego County on the southeast. 

Good Life Property Management also services San Diego County.

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Orange County School District Map

Understanding the school districts in Orange County is important for homeowners, landlords, and potential renters. If you have kids, you’ll want to know what kind of school district your kids will attend before you buy a property or sign a lease.

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There are 25 school districts in Orange County:
  1. Brea Olinda Unified School District
  2. Capistrano Unified School District
  3. Garden Grove Unified School District
  4. Irvine Unified School District
  5. Laguna Beach Unified School District
  6. Los Alamitos Unified School District
  7. Newport-Mesa Unified School District
  8. Orange Unified School District
  9. Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District
  10. Saddleback Valley Unified School District
  11. Santa Ana Unified School District
  12. Tustin Unified School District
  13. Anaheim Union High School District
  14. Buena Park School District
  15. Centralia School District
  16. Cypress School District
  17. Fountain Valley School District
  18. Fullerton School District
  19. Huntington Beach City School District
  20. La Habra City School District
  21. Lowell Joint School District
  22. Magnolia School District
  23. Ocean View School District
  24. Savanna School District
  25. Westminster School District

Irvine Unified School District was named the No. 1 best school district in Orange County on Niche’s 2024 Best School Districts in California list.

Orange County’s Premier Property Management Company

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Frequently Asked Questions

What major cities are in Orange County?

There are 34 cities in Orange County. The county’s three major cities are Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Irvine. Each city has over 300,000 residents. Six cities in Orange County along the Pacific coast are very popular: Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, and San Clemente.

Why is Orange County so popular?

Orange County is so popular because it has a lot to offer visitors and residents. From beautiful coastlines and history museums to world-class restaurants and a vibrant cultural scene, Orange County is a great place to call home.

Is Orange County expensive?

The average cost of living in Orange County is 51% higher than the national average, according to the Council for Community and Economic data from November 2023.

Why do people want to live in Orange County?

People are drawn to living in Orange County, California, because of the near-perfect climate, fantastic beaches, welcoming parks, and unique events and tourist attractions. There’s something for everyone, from Disney to art festivals to pro sports.

Which are the richest cities in Orange County, CA?

According to the most recent census data, the three Orange County cities with the highest median household income are Yorba Linda ($129,995) and the two coastal towns, Laguna Beach ($129,983) and Newport Beach ($127,223).

Which city in Orange County, CA, is the most expensive?

Irvine has the highest median gross rent at $2,361 per month.

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